Is Toyota Rav4 A Good Buy?

If you are looking to purchase a used Toyota RAV4, you will find below the information about most of the commonly reported problems, as well as what model years are safe to purchase, as well as what model years you should avoid. Using the Consumer Reports Reliability and Owner Satisfaction, as well as the Vehicle Complaints listing of the most commonly complained about complaints straight from owners, we are able to identify which Toyota RAV4 model years you should avoid buying. Praise for the Toyota RAV4 includes its technology, fuel economy, ride and handling, general value, and family-friendly appeal – but not every RAV4 owner is in love with their car. The Toyota RAV4 is sold to consumers looking for the benefits of an SUV, like increased cargo space and fuel economy compared to compact cars. 

The redesign of the Toyota RAV4 borrowed muscular styling cues from Toyotas 4Runner SUV and Tacoma pickup truck; it also received updated multimedia, more standard features, and a available fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain. The RAV4 is the first-ever car to compete in the highly competitive class of compact crossover SUVs (CUVs). Spacious, confident, and frugal, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 should be at the top of the list for anyone looking for a new compact crossover SUV. For many consumers, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 offers just about everything you can want in a two-row SUV. 

The Chevrolet Trailblazer may come out cheaper than the RAV4, but consumers may need to carefully examine how the two types of vehicles compare against one another before making a final determination. Having driven both Hondas CR-V and Subaru Foresters, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is the more fun to drive, and the one I would choose among the three–though those who just do not care for this kind of stuff may prefer the Hondas apparently larger interior and doors that open wide, or Subarus for its greenhouse-like view and standard AWD. Compared with the competition of Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, and Subaru Forester, it ranks near the bottom in fuel economy, but the differences are not enormous, particularly considering that Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue both employ smaller turbocharged 1.5-liter engines. Like many of Toyotas models, the Toyota RAV4 is highly reliable, and it generally has the ability to be a long-term performer if properly maintained.

As far as reliability goes with the new RAV4, it is much improved over last-gen. The 2008 received a reliability rating of four out of five, a full point higher than the two before it. Overall, the former was solid, reporting around 60 or fewer complaints to the NHTSA per year. The 4th-generation RAV4 has managed to become even more reliable than the previous generation, averaging around 140 complaints for each model year. 

In short, the 2009-2012 RAV4s were not only more reliable, they had better engines and better safety features compared to their predecessors. The RAV4s first generation, particularly the 3-door, was innovative, rather than clunky. Yet this RAV4 generation has been the best-selling SUV in the world, the fourth-best selling vehicle overall. The RAV4 was Toyotas top-selling SUV in 2020 – but not without fault. 

Not only is the 2007 model riddled with problems, but it is uncomfortable and badly designed. Notably, owners were disappointed in the 2006 Toyota RAV4s overall ride, comfort, and value. Common complaints included The Toyota RAV4s stop-start system, engine noise, driving comfort, and transmission issues. Toyota uses a marketing strategy to refer to the RAV4 as the “cute utility truck”, suggesting the RAV4 is a compelling utility vehicle. 

The ride was more comfortable than my Toyota Solara, which is saying something about the Toyota RAV4, and standard safety features were better than the one on my friends new Audi SUV. Toyota makes the Toyota Driver Assistance Suite standard on all of the RAV4 range, so there is little reason to opt for a pricey trim–unless, of course, you really, really, really, want the ventilated seats. 

Prospective buyers who are interested in vehicles such as the RAV4 will want models that provide convenience amenities. Customers on different budgets should be able to find a RAV4 that meets their needs. 

A family member bought one a year or so ago, and loved the Toyota RAV4 so much, that he recommended that I check out the same car when I am in the market for a new vehicle. If you are an average joe looking for a car that is simple to drive, easy to live in, fairly spacious, well-built, and rides higher than sedans (whether for ease of entry-egress, or for that once-a-year trip you take on a snowboard), the Toyota RAV4 is a – shockingly – worthy, reliable option. Toyota has made strides to make its daily offerings fun to drive compared with what they used to be, but probably in the interest of not alienating Toyotas large, primary target audience, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is still, above all, a very simple, no-fuss, and commuting. 

Pickup trucks dominate the best-selling-vehicle podium for Q1-2021, according to Reuters, but riding on the tails of such heavy-duty vehicles as the Ford F-Series, Ram Pickup, and Chevy Silverado is Toyotas own RAV4, the top-selling SUV in the U.S. The 2022 Toyota RAV4 is available with 17, 18, or 19-inch wheels, and it may get flashy features such as special badging, black accents, twin chrome exhaust tips, two-tone exterior paint, and black roof rails. 

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