Which Is More Reliable Honda Cr-V Or Toyota Rav4?

This post looks at what makes each of these vehicles unique, with the ultimate verdict being on which is the most solid amongst the competition, the Toyota RAV4. The Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 are the two top-ranked, most-popular SUVs that spring to mind when thinking about the best in their respective categories. The Honda CR-V Hybrid is the third best SUV in hybrid class, and Toyotas Rav4 Hybrid is fourth. J.D. Power gives the Rav4 an 81/100 in reliability, and gives the Honda CR-V Hybrid an 84/100aa fairly close call.

The Toyota RAV4 is rated as being a bit more reliable than both the Honda and the Toyota CR-V, though reliability ratings are similar. The Toyota RAV4 is an excellent car, but it is not too far behind in terms of quality and reliability when compared to the Honda CR-V. In the NHTSAs crash tests, the RAV4 earned a 5 star overall rating, but did not do nearly as well as the Honda CR-V for protection against frontal impacts.

While it has not been crash tested yet, Honda is probably not going to let the 2023 CR-V fall short of the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and the NHTSA 5-star ratings achieved by last years outgoing model, particularly considering that the SUV now comes with upgraded front airbags and extra side bags. The ToyotaRAV4 performed similarly well, earning five-star ratings from NHTSA and being named a Top Safety Pick+ from IIHS. Among many enthusiasts, the consensus is that both ToyotaRAV4 and the Honda CR-V are highly reliable cars. 

The ToyotaRAV4 and RAV4 are not an absolute pick for the rugged outdoors, though both of these competing cheap SUVs are still quite capable. Both the ToyotaRAV4 and the Honda CR-V are only moderate performers off-road when compared with larger SUVs and other models. The Toyota RAV4 is generally preferred by those taking to off-roading, whereas the CR-V is preferred by those valuing looks as well as powerful engines.

Honda and Toyota are both renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry, with high ratings for popularity. Honda and Toyota have built their reputations in the United States on their incredible reliability. There has been some competition between these two vehicles over who is more reliable and has better features.

While there has been little change for the Honda CR-V, Toyota does also have a version of it that is PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The 2023 Toyota RAV4 starts around $29,000, and was last completely redesigned in 2019, meaning that it is getting a little older in comparison to the brand-new CR-V. That redesign is definitely helping CR-Vs momentum in this summer. 

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