Why Is The New Maverick So Cheap?

With an entry price that stands in contrast to the sky-high sticker prices most often found on pickup trucks, and with an unadorned aesthetic touted by reigning truck king Ford as a strength rather than as a selling point, the new Ford Maverick is designed to be both inexpensive and fun. Todays truck comes with a highly efficient hybrid powertrain that is capable of over 40 miles per gallon (5.9 L/100 km), a simple yet elegant cabin with a “can-do” attitude, and a starting price as low as $19,995. Automakers seemed to abandon the compact truck segment long ago, and Fords decision to reintroduce the Ford product with the Ford Maverick has proven a success, particularly at its starting price of $22,490. 

Ford has been throwing the axe at smaller vehicles across its lineup, and its latest trucks should fill their shoes. Ford is not even marketing the Maverick as a conventional pickup. Its latest truck is unibody, meaning, essentially, it drives and handles like a car, despite its pickup truck body, but cannot be as rough-rided as a full-frame truck.

While it looks as though Fords Maverick is considerably updated on the inside, it is really built on older mechanical technologies, which helps to reduce costs. The 2022 Ford Maverick is an excellent value, but still has weaknesses. I know Ford sees the 2022 Ford Maverick as a truck, and while that is definitely true, I think a better way of looking at the Maverick is as something that is less of a truck, and more like an extremely versatile, useful, all-purpose vehicle. In fact, the price for the Ford Maverick is such that Jordan Arocha suspects that Ford might not make any money off of the base model, XL. 

Arocha explained The Ford Maverick has achieved its low price mostly through making intelligent engineering choices, but also by outfitting it with lower-cost base components. The slower, yet far more frugal hybrid is an impressively cheap entry point to the world of pickup trucks, and though it might offer less refined rear suspension compared with The All-New Ford Mavericks AWD Independent tuning, the all-road appeal of its monobody build is far more like that of a soft-roaded SUV than even the blandest of the softer midsize trucks in its daily driving. Ford revived the Maverick moniker for its latest truck in 2021, and this one is positioned toward the lower end of the hierarchy. In 2021, bringing back the Maverick nameplate, Ford gave U.S. truck lovers a brand-new pickup that trumpeted an attractive starting price under $20,000. 

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